Glamox has made it easy to convert to LED

We offer a range of products that can easily replace your conventional lighting to LED on existing installations. 
Reduced cost of ownership
There are many reasons on why you should change to LED. One reason is that you reduce the need of lamp changes, as the new LED solutions have more than 5 times higher lifetime than a conventional one. Another reason is that changing from conventional lighting to LED can reduce the power consumption for lighting with more than 50%. 

Easy replacement
The process of switching from tubes to LED for a Glamox luminaire is fast and easy. It takes no more time than a normal lamp change. All you need to change is the gear tray, an easy solution when converting to LED.


NOx fund financing for ships and installations operating in Norway
The Norwegian NOx fund is a national drive for the reduction of mono-nitrogen oxides, organized by NHO, the main representative body of Norwegian employer organizations.

Glamox AS is approved by the NOx fund as a supplier of NOx reducing technology. We are specified as a supplier with solutions for changing conventional lighting to LED in existing light fittings.



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