Discover application areas of a commercial vessel and find the right lighting solution

Glamox is offering a new service to its customers on web: the „Solutions“. They help customers to find products more precisely, closer to their needs.

A commercial vessel has different application areas, e.g. the engine room, the bridge, a cabin or the open deck. Each part of the vessel has its own technical challenges and expectations towards the illumination. An outdoor luminaire needs a higher water-resistance than the one inside, a high vibration-resistance is required in an engine room and a dimmable light is suitable for social areas. The Glamox solution guide first points out these requirements in the different applications. Then it shows the suitable products which ideally fulfill the requirements of that application.

The benefit: Find the perfect luminaire more easily. No need to go through all products to find out which multipurpose luminaire suits to an engine room. Just go to the solutions and follow the suggestions of suitable products for engine rooms in commercial vessels.

Nevertheless, the existing ways of searching for a product still exist. It is still possible to go directly to the product or use the filter section to qualify the search. The solutions are an additional offer and a comfortable way to find Glamox products which are designed for a special area

In the future, further solutions for cruise and ferry as well as oil and gas applications will follow.

Follow the link and learn more about Glamox solutions.


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