Time-saving lighting design

The 3D modelling tool AVEVA PDMS™ is used by engineers in the oil & gas industry on a majority of projects under development. Using the brand new Glamox Plug-in tool will save hours of work for PDMS users.

Lighting calculations and recalculations are time-consuming operations. Glamox Plug-in PRO for AVEVA PDMS utilizes available 3D models and makes lighting design much quicker – and more accurate.

Once the Glamox plug-in is installed, users can carry out complete lighting calculations in the PDMS user interface. The actual calculations are made by a database which is included with the plug-in.

The speed and accuracy of the calculation program is impressive. Once the calculations have been made, PDMS can visualize the lighting design, showing average lux levels and uniformity.

This is a significant time- and cost saving tool for lighting design, reducing the need for corrective work during the construction phase. It also generates valuable “as built” documentation.

Glamox Plug-in PRO for PDMS is nominated for the ONS 2016 Innovation Award.


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