Xenon searchlight for harsh environments

Searchlights increase security by eliminating blind spots and aid the crew members to ensure safe navigation. They are especially designed for vessels with high demand of light output and vessels operating in harsh winter and ice conditions such as tugs, icebreakers or offshore supply vessels. Norselight searchlights are also used for commercial vessels in order to better protect its ships and vessels against pirates and acts of terrorism.

The Norselight SL40 R5 is designed with an IP56 rating and is approved for temperatures down to -40°C and up to +50°C. The seawater resistant aluminum housing and motor house, coupled with excellent heat management, ensures a searchlight with long run-time and long lifetime.

What is special about the 1000 W Xenon version?

It has a built in xenon power supply. During design phase and installation, the designers and installers have only to consider the TA value and IP rating of the searchlight – not of any external power supply outside the luminaire. The design of the xenon version enables easy installation and significant cost savings, by reducing engineering and eliminating the following cables and connections:

  • No cable between power source and external power supply
  • No cable between power supply and searchlight
  • No remote signal cable between searchlight and power supply

The SL40 R5 is operated by use of a control panel(s), with joystick and buttons, all versions are easy to install and operate.

Long cable run

The proven electronic technology used in the SL40 R5 enables long cable runs. Between control panels and the searchlight the cable run can be up 5000 meters, which simplifies installation and ensures a very flexible system design onboard the vessel.

The product family of SL40 R5 includes a variety of halogen and xenon searchlights.


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