Xenon Searchlight
Direct, bridge operated and remote controlled Searchlights
Ta-40 Ta-50 ta50 IP56

Remote operated R50

QN2010 XS D DH

Direct operated

XS R50 R60 BUS

Remote operated R60

QN2020 XS B

Bridge operated

XS R10

Remote operated R10

QN2020 XS BH

Bridge operated high

XR R20

Remote operated R20


MX-35 series

Micro xenon

BL-35 series

Bow light micro xenon

Xenon Searchlight

Xenon Searchlights comes with several control functions. You can choose between direct, bridge operated and remote controlled Searchlights. Direct operated is operated by hand, bridge operated is operated by the use of handle and shaft through the wheelhouse roof, remote operated is operated by the use of control panel(s) with joystick and buttons.

The Xenon Searchlights are designed to meet marine requirements. Benefitting from low weight, simple mounting and long run time, the design is clean and compact and all components are chosen to withstand corrosion.

The Searchlights are especially equipped for vessels with high demand of light output or operating in harsh winter and ice conditions such as tugs, icebreakers, offshore supply vessels or ice-classed vessels. Xenon Searchlights provide reliable lighting in a wide range of watt sizes and different voltages. Some of the xenon searchlights are designed for arctic environments with temperatures down to -50 °C.
QN2010 XS D DH

Direct operated

QN2020 XS B

Bridge operated


Remote operated


Easy mounting direct to the deck or on pedestal.
Direct, bridge or remote operated.

Made of seawater resistant aluminium finished in white polyester coating.

Designed for Xenon lamps up to 3000W, front glass made of hardened glass.
Adjustable beam and durable silver-plated glass reflector for improved light output.
Xenon lamps are specialy applicable to detect ice and other objects on the water, and they have a 4 times longer liftime than halogen.

External power supply is included in delivery. To be installed indoor as close as possible to the searchlight.
Delivered standard with EMC filters to avoid electrical peaks in the general electrical system.

Special variants on request:
  • Upside/down installation
  • Special color
  • Extended run-time
  • IR-filter
  • Brackets for installation of camera
  • + more


1 Lux 14 000 meters. 200 million candela. Continuous operation capabilities due to a unique cooling system. Focus adjustment included to adjust light beam between wide and narrow focus.


Very concentrated light beam, ideal for detection of objects and incoming threaths.
XS R50 2000_Reference_Sonne

XS2000 R50

Product environment

xs_anti-pirate xs_anti-pirate_2 XS R50 2000_Reference_Sonne

Research vessel "Sonne"


The German research vessel “Sonne” (Sun) is 116 m long and 20.6 m wide, and can accommodate 40 scientists and 32 crew members. It was presented by the German Government in November 2014.

“Sonne” researches climate change and various aspects of marine resources and ecosystems. The vessel is built by Meyer Werft, a leading innovative shipbuilder that is well-known for its huge cruise ships.

Certified in the DNV GL class, the vessel is illuminated with a wide range of lighting from Glamox. Searchlights (Xenon XS2000) are mounted at the vessel’s highest points and are remote-controlled from inside the ship. As the sea can often be rough, the outdoor lights have a high degree of protection from water. The machine rooms are fitted with special lighting, due to the higher vibration-resistance requirements in this area. Interior rooms, such as cabins and the bridge, are illuminated with modern lighting solutions.

“It is an honour for us to illuminate this special ship,” said Jörg Koch-Losekamm, Managing Director of Glamox Aqua Signal GmbH, Bremen, Germany.

Watch a movie about Sonne:

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F/T Holmøy


F/T Holmøy is equipped with a complete state-of the art LED lighting scheme from Glamox Aqua Signal. Installed products include TL60 watertight LED luminaires, FL60 LED floodlihgs, MIR LED, 1076, Norselight XS1000 R60 searchlights, Series 65 LED Arctic navigation lights, and more.

About Holmøy Maritime
Holmøy Maritime AS is a company in the family-owned Holmøy group. The company’s main activities involve operating three trawlers: F/T Prestfjord, F/T Sunderøy and F/T Holmøy. Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS is a salmon producer located in 6 different municipalities in the Norwegian counties of Nordland and Troms. It produces 16,000 tons of salmon and 17,000 tons of white fish each year. This is sold through their own sales company, Prestfjord Seafood AS.

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