Lighting for Bastø Fosen car ferries

Glamox has supplied complete lighting solutions to three new car ferries that operate the route between the two towns Horten and Moss in the south east of Norway.
The new ferries - built by CEMRE Shipard in Altinova/Turkey - are owned and operated by the shipping company Bastø Fosen and can carry 200 cars and between 24-30 trailers. The vessels are equipped with energy efficient diesel engines. Bastø Fosen’s own calculations show that the NOx emission will be reduced with more than 80 percent compared to existing ferries. In addition, a newly developed, energy efficient hull will reduce the fuel consumption with 25-30 percent compared to today’s vessels.

The lighting solution from Glamox comprises high quality LED luminaires that will help reducing the carbon footprint even further. The watertight TL60 luminaires are used on the car deck and in other areas that are exposed to the elements. DL60 downlights serve as interior lighting throughout the vessel. To read more about the lighting solution, please see the overview of featured products to the right. 


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