Glamox is one of the global leading providers of lighting solutions of all types. Ranging from searchlights to explosion proof luminaires for onshore and offshore areas, interior lighting and solutions for recreational boats. All lighting concepts are developed jointly for the many different areas of the maritime industry.
Commercial Marine
We are a world wide market leader for a comprehensive product range for the commercial marine segment. We offer navigation and signaling lights, floodlights, luminaires for decks, bridges, holds, messes, pantries and cabins, special luminaires for hazardeous areas and electronic monitor and control equipment.

Cruise & Ferry
We know the requirements from the market by continuously offering more intelligent and sophisticated light scenarios. In our product portfolio are for example special computers which are able to switch and control any desired composition of illumination, independent on time zones. With our advanced developments we keep up with the trends in the Cruise & Ferry market. See also our latest Cruise video!

Glamox has the experience and know-how indispensable in this field to cope with the extreme requirements and we are a well acknowledged supplier to navy shipyards all over the world. It is Glamox’ strategy to grow the business within the Navy segment. The acquisition of LINKSrechts, will be a good platform for supporting these growth ambitions.  LINKSrechts is a leading technology, systems solutions provider for the Navy market. LINKSrechts offers helicopter visual landing aid systems (HVLAS), LED submarine lighting solutions (ASLS) and advanced Navy lighting systems (ANLS). All lighting products from LINKSrechts are 100% based on state-of-the-art LED technology. Glamox and LINKSrechts will together deliver complete lighting solutions to the navies worldwide.

Offshore Energy
Maintaining a safe environment is our first priority, when developing products for the offshore Industry. As a manufacturer of marine and offshore lighting, we have gained experience through many years from the Norwegian Offshore adventure in the North Sea. Our explosion protected luminaries and floodlights are high quality products.

Onshore Energy and Petrochemical Industry
Glamox has put its experience from the offshore industry to good use in producing lighting solutions for onshore oil and gas facilities. Similar to the offshore industry, maintaining a safe environment is crucial to our product delevopment for the onshore petrochemical industries. Our explosion protected lumainaries and floodlights are  high quality products. 

Recreational Boats
We are one of the market leaders in the recreational boat segment with competence in lighting for sailing and motor boats. We provide lighting products designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for quality and performance at sea. Offering a complete range of interior and exterior lighting.


Marine, onshore and offshore solutions