External sensors

Increasingly, energy saving is an important aspect when designing new buildings and renovating old. Lighting accounts for a significant portion of the total energy consumption in a building. When using a sensor we also increase the lifetime of the light installation by reducing the operation time.
When using sensors it is important that the sensor is placed so that it reflects the conditions it is there to detect. A presence detector must sense the movement in a working situation. Remember that a light sensor normally sense reflected light so the reflection of the area below the sensor will normally affect the result.

Not all luminaires can be delivered with integrated sensor as an option. It might be caused by the design or by the type of optic. Some times you also want the sensor to control other components in your technical installation. Then you need an external sensor. 

We can supply a number of quality sensors that match our products. From an easy relay based PIR to a DALI based combined sensor that gives you full flexibility and optimized energy saving.  We have variants for high ceiling heights, extreme wide beam sensors or with extremely high sensibility for very small movements.


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