Glamox Easy

Glamox Easy® provides lower costs for the lifetime of the product, less maintenance, greater satisfaction and better health
GLAMOX EASY® makes it easier and more comfortable to be an owner of a building. Better planning, careful use of energy and shorter installation time makes your time-plan and costs more predictable. The solution offered will also provide lower consumption, increased comfort and greater well-being for all who use the building.

As the owner of a building it is the overall costs which matter. The installations has to be easy to maintain over the years. We have paid particular attention to this with GLAMOX EASY®. Repair, maintenance and replacing light sources can be faster and easier with no costly dismantling of the luminaire.

With GLAMOX EASY® you can concentrate on other things, and not spend it worrying about the lighting equipment. This is great both for the owners and users of the building.


Marine, onshore and offshore solutions