Towards a stronger Glamox brand

This spring we will be implementing a strategic move designed to strengthen our position as a global provider of professional lighting solutions.

As of May 15th 2017, the Glamox name and logo will be used by all of our subsidiary companies and business units worldwide, with just a few exceptions.
This means that our international sales team will change its name from Glamox Luxo Distributor Sales to Glamox AS, Business Unit Export.
Why this change?
In today’s competitive market we want to be clear on who we are and the products and services we provide: Glamox is a worldwide company which offers some of the top international product brands in our industry: Glamox, Aqua Signal, Luxo, Norselight and LINKSrechts.
We will certainly continue to focus on our premier product brands. But the product brands will not be part of the company name and logo.
We believe that this will enable us to strengthen the Glamox company brand on a worldwide basis, while making good use of our family of famous product brands.
Updated contact information
We ask that all of our business partners take notice of this name change, and update their contact information accordingly. We will shortly also be changing our e-mail domain from to, however the current glamoxluxo e-mail addresses will still be valid during a transition period.


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