Product Text Explanations

Over the last few years Glamox has launched many new products. All recent products have a name that begins with a letter and then a number. This first letter indicates the product category the luminaire belongs to.
We have seven product categories:
Architectural Decorative 
Downlight Downlight
Spotlight Spotlight
Commercial Interior
Industrial Industrial
Outdoor Outdoors
Emergency Emergency

Mounting: Only used when the product family has several mounting possibilities.
R Recessed The luminaire is flush to the ceiling
RT Recessed T–bar ceiling
RL Recessed Linear ceiling
RO Recessed Luminaire that protrudes outside the ceiling line
RI Recessed luminaire flush with the ceiling line
S Surface Surface mounting
P Pendant hanging or pendular
W Wall Wall mounting
T Table Table lamp
F Floor Floor lamp
Colour WH White

GR Grey
 DGDark Grey
Aluminium Grey

Metal Z Aluzink

A Aluminium

S Stainless steel
Ballast F Phase-compensated

L Uncompensated

HF Electronic (High Frequency)
Ballast for extra long lifetime

HFDa Analogue Dimming (1-10V)

HFDd Digital Dimming (DSI)

DALI DALI ballast
Conventional transformer (12V)

Electronic transformer (12v)

E3/S Standard 3 hour emergency

E3/ST Self test 3 hours emergency

E3/DALI DALI 3 hours emergency

LED 3 hours emergency

Z Luminaires for centralised emergency unit

Switch CS Cord Switch

CS3 3 stage Cord switch

CSD Cord switch for Dimming

Impuls switch for Dimming

Switch (B for SALA)

D-SEN Dimming / daylight

S-SEN Stand alone

M-SEN Master

U-SEN Ultrasonic

OD-SEN Mini daylight sensor

OU Outlet (S for SALA)
plug DOU Data Outlet

C Cable without plug (Cable)

CP2 2 metre Cable and Plug

Suspension MNT Suspension packed with luminaire

PRE PRE-mounted suspension

Lamps 830 With tubes code 830

840 With tubes code 840

SA Asymmetrical semi-diffuse softLight
Optic SL/SU SoftLight

LL/LU Low luminance


WL/WU White louvre

ML Micro lamella

Diffusers CL Clear plastic cover

OP Opalised plastic cover

OPA Opalised plastic cover asymmetric
 DPDouble Prismatic cover
Microprismatic plastic cover
 SWOpalised perforated cover
 RPGFrame with toughened Glass
 AL/MPAluminium frame and Microprismatic diffuser
 CI/MPCircular steel frame and Microprismatic diffuser
Circular steel frame and Opalique diffuser
 PSPerforated steel diffuser
 OSSlotted steel diffuser

BL/GLClear glass, black screen print
Prismatic glass, grey silk print
SISilver reflector
GOGold reflector
 SMSilver Matt reflector
 SXSilver reflector with X-louvre
 SFSilver faceted reflector
ReflectorsASYAsymmetric reflector
 SYMSymmetric reflector
 NBNarrow beam
 MBMedium beam
Wide beam
 XAExtreme asymmetric reflector


Marine, onshore and offshore solutions