As a customer of Glamox’ luminaires you can be confident that we have put all of our effort into delivering lighting solutions suitable for all conditions. Because we know how tough the weather on and offshore may be, how temperature, wind and downfall constantly stresses technical installations. And we know how important it is to have lighting installations that last for years and years.
An important part of modern lighting solutions are energy saving technologies, extracting synergies from luminaires with efficient optics, light sources and materials, combined with intelligent lighting control systems.

We put the visual task in the centre for our product development because we know how important a good lighting solution is for productivity, fatigue and error reduction, and the attenuation of accidents in the factory. We also know how important the nonvisual effects of lighting are. Luminaires mimicking natural daylight variations help workers adjust their circadian rhythms, while staying alert at their post.

We have done the above for more than half a century and plan to accompany you for the next half, too.

Read more on solutions for each room type:

Assembly and production halls
Heavy industry
Storage and logistics
Cold storage and freezing rooms
Parking houses
Quality inspections and laboratories
Control rooms
Food processing
Chemical facilities
Hazardous areas