Research project: Bright light treatment of patients with dementia

A full-scale research project on the effects of bright light therapy for dementia patients is now being carried out in Bergen, Norway. About 70 nursing home patients receive treatment with artificial daylight in the dark winter months.

Inspiration from the Glamox world

Glamox’ main catalogue for 2018 is now ready. We hope this year’s lux&lumen can inspire you in your daily work, provide useful product information and be a source of information on the topic of lighting.

Visit us at Light + Building 2018

Light + Building 2018 is an event that you don’t want to miss! Our team is so excited to present our new light management solutions and show you how new lighting technology can shape smart and energy efficient buildings for the future. 

A square and slim wall-mounted luminaire

Glamox C95-W is a square luminaire, in two neat sizes. It is an elegant wall mounted addition to the C95 family of high end interior luminaries.

Shedding light on the ceiling system jungle

There is an abundance of ceiling systems on the market. Finding the luminaires to match a specific system can sometimes present a challenge. This is why Glamox has developed an online guide to help our customers navigate through the jungle.

Is this the Interior Luminaire of the Year?

We are very proud that Glamox i90-P is shortlisted for the Lux Award in the category “Interior Luminaire of the Year”. 

New Glamox luminaire for agricultural use

Glamox has launched an ammonia-resistant luminaire which is particularly suitable for fattening pig houses and other agricultural applications.

Ninety: Relaunch of popular designer task light

Our LED task light "Ninety" is one of the most popular Luxo designer task lights. It is now being relaunched with an option to include an integrated USB charger.

A robust luminaire with accurate light distribution

Glamox i95-P is an IP65 rated LED luminaire designed for industrial applications. The luminaire combines the most excellent reflector options with high quality materials, including solid front cover options.

Glamox C70-P: New pendant luminaire

We are now launching the pendant version of our Glamox C70 family of luminaires. The slim-bodied Glamox C70 luminaires are designed to provide modern office environments with a homogenous and stylish design: Recessed, surface mounted and pendant luminaires with the same look and feel, for mounting in corridors and meeting rooms, in open plan offices, reception areas, social zones and executive cell offices.

Research findings: Improved sleep duration with Human Centric Lighting

Results from a Dutch study where office workers were subjected to a Human Centric Lighting regime, show that the test persons experienced significantly improved sleep duration.

Towards a stronger Glamox brand

This spring we will be implementing a strategic move designed to strengthen our position as a global provider of professional lighting solutions.

Interactive demo: Lighting with health and productivity benefits

Light can be energizing or relaxing. It can help you concentrate and influence your mood and your sleep pattern in a beneficial way. Those are the scientific principles that Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is based upon. Try our interactive demo to see what HCL is all about.

A luminaire for extreme temperatures

Glamox i70 LED is the perfect choice for demanding applications, and is approved for temperatures down to -35 °C and up to +55 °C. This came in handy when new lighting was needed for one of the largest cold stores in Scandinavia.

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Inspiration, information, illumination

Glamox’ main catalogue for 2017, lux&lumen, is now ready. We hope it can inspire you in your daily work, provide useful product information and be a source of information on the topic of lighting.

Circus LED: New Luxo magnifier

We are now introducing a new generation of our most powerful illuminated magnifier. The new Circus LED has a huge glass lens and sophisticated LED light sources.

Ten interesting places with lighting from Glamox

What do the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, UKs Royal Navy and Heathrow Airport have in common? All places have lighting from Glamox.


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