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What you need to know about DALI

The ABC of DALI. Opportunities and limitations. Short introduction to DALI installation and programming for installers.

Date: 22.03.2017 - 1.00 pm

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LMS - How to save money on the electricity bill by optimizing the use of light

Buildings with long operation time have a large potential when it comes to saving money on lighting. How can you use light management systems to exploit this potential and at the same time ensure that you have correct light when you need it?

Date: 04.05.17 - 1.00 pm

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How to turn the challenges of illuminating modern office layouts to your advantage

Quiet zones, team zones, private zones,  social zones – are you planning the lighting for an office zone bonanza? How do you plan a lighting scheme that will work for flexible and dynamic office areas?

Date: 31.05.17 - 1.00 pm

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Lighting matters! Health promoting lighting for patients with dementia and psychiatric conditions

How can smart use of lighting technology lead to better welfare for patients with dementia and psychiatric conditions? Using Human Centric Lighting to create a calming environment.

Date: 27.06.17 - 10.00 am

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The importance of high quality BIM files for your planning 

Explain how a (luminaire) BIM file is constructed and what’s important to look for. More specific information about the Glamox BIM files.

Date: 26.07.17 - 1.00 pm

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