Maritime products and solutions

Premium visibility solutions for demanding maritime and offshore use

The Luminell series of solutions offer powerful lighting, outstanding functionality, provide increased safety, and a longer than average lifetime of use despite the strain of extreme environments. Our LED light solutions also boast an average 80% decrease in energy output, decreasing your environmental footprint. It is clear why the Luminell range of lights have become the first choice for many shipyards, ship designers, government bodies, rigs and vessels carrying out hazardous and important work.

Series 75

LED Navigation light

Series 75 is a family of navigation lights with the newest LED and driver technology. They are suitable for all vessels ≥ 20 m in length. Series 75 sets new standards in terms of lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Glamox Series 60 and Series 61

Enduring LED navigation lights with integrated countdown system

Aqua Signal’s Series 60 and Series 61 are LED navigation lights for vessels below and above 50 meters in length. Long product lifetime has been an essential priority when designing the two single tier lanterns. A smart, tamper proof countdown system will also give the user a warning when it’s time to replace the lanterns. Even at an ambient temperature at 45 ºC the lifetime is 100 000 hours.

FL70 interactive leaflet

Robust and powerful LED floodlight

By using the latest COB LED technology and LED driver technology it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements. The product design has been undergoing thorough heat conduction and dissipation simulations, giving all components optimal conditions and ensuring long life time. Powder-coated anodized seawater resistant aluminium housing.

LED task lights and magnifiers for maritime applications

Split (m) and Wave (m) LED

Split (m) is a powerful task light for demanding work places and Wave (m) LED is a magnifier ideal for use in repair shops. They are both specially designed for maritime applications.

Xenon 3000W

Protection against piracy

The Xenon 3000W searchlight has a light beam of 14.000 metres. The light beam is so strong and powerful and can detect incoming threats, such as pirates.

1445 with LEDs

Watertight multipurpose luminaire, surface with LEDs

This LED watertight multipurpose luminiare is the right light fixture for workshops, stores, holds, passage ways etc.

GKI LED for UL listed products

Energy Efficient Solutions

Glamox has developed the GKI LED solution for UL listed products consisting of the new GKI LED and a GKI LED Replacement Kit. GKI LED is designed for technical rooms, engine rooms, freezing rooms and on-deck applications.

SL40 R5 - xenon and halogen

Next generation remote controlled searchlights

We are proud to introduce the next generation of remote controlled searchlights, the Norselight SL40 R5. The product range includes a variety of halogen and xenon searchlights. Seawater resistant aluminum housing and motor house, coupled with excellent heat management, ensures a searchlight with long run-time and long lifetime.

Series 65

LED Navigation lights

Signal- and navigation lights for the commercial shipping, based on innovative LED technology. Compared with conventional navigation lights, Series 65 sets new standards in terms of efficiency, lifetime, cost effectiveness and maintenance.

Norselight R60

Searchlight control system

Glamox introduces the new generation searchlight control system, the Norselight R60. The R60 sets a new level for intuitive control interface, features and flexible solutions.

Time-saving lighting design

Glamox Plug-in PRO for AVEVA PDMS™

Lighting calculations and recalculations are time-consuming operations. Glamox Plug-in PRO for AVEVA PDMS™ utilizes available 3D models and makes lighting design much quicker – and more accurate.

The ultimate control system

For searchlights

Norselight has developed marine lighting and control systems for more than three generations. Choose between unique controlsystems such as wireliess controls, opreating panels and computer controls.

LED Light source of the future

Ten things you should know about LED

We are presenting ten aspects of LED technology that we believe are essential for the understanding of advantages and challenges related to the use of LED.


The energy saving solution

The Glamox DL60 is the new LED downlight family that is both more cost-effective and kinder to the environment. Compared to traditional solutions, energy consumption can be reduced up to 80% with the same light level.

Dedicated to quality

About quality assurance, test procedures and product certification in the Glamox Group

As a result of the high demands placed on the quality and durability of its products, the Glamox Group operates modern assessment and testing laboratories in Norway and Germany for the simulation of a wide variety of environmental conditions.
FL60S Leaflet

FL60 Spot beam LED Floodlight

Illuminates areas on longer distances

FL60, LED Floodlight is designed for installation and use in safe areas. By using the latest LED technology it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high intensity lighting requirements. The FL60 Spot beam is part of the FL60 floodlight family and is available as a 4 module version.
FL60 Title-thumb


LED Floodlight

FL60, LED Floodlight is designed for installation and use in safe areas. By using the latest LED technology it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high intensity lighting requirements.


A compact downlight specially designed for fire-approved ceilings

The DL42-R77 is a compact LED downlight that is easy to install. There is no need for an extra firehat as DL42-R77 is specifically designed to fit B0 and B15 ceilings.

Glamox Reference book

Welcome to our world of light!

We are proud to present an overview of recent projects featuring our products and solutions. An index of all the reference projects listed can be found in the back. Here you will find a list of the products featured and other relevant information about each project.

LED replacement kit

- From tubes to LEDs

You can now easily replace your fluorescent lighting fixture with our latest LED technology. And that`s only by changing the gear tray!


Architectural family for indoor and outdoor applications

Architectural family for indoor and outdoor applications – specially designed for LED
TL60 Brochure_frontpage_dec2013

TL60 Leaflet

Innovative watertight LED luminaire



Energy Efficient Solutions

Glamox has developed the MIR LED solutions consisting of the new MIR LED and a MIR LED Replacement Kit. MIR LED is based on long experience in the marine and offshore segment, and is designed for technical rooms, engine rooms, freezing rooms and on-deck applications.

Glamox TL44 G2 LED

Flexible and streamlined LED luminaire for marine applications

Glamox TL44 G2 is a splash proof, flexible LED luminaire with uniform illumination for indoor marine applications. With it`s slim design, this luminaire is easily fitted onto ceilings or walls in a variety of applications.