Investment analysis calculator

This calculator indicates the payback period when investing in an LED installation compared to a lighting installation using conventional light sources. Please insert your figures below. The payback time is calculated by dividing the difference in operating costs over the difference in investments. From this calculation it could be understood as to how many years you would need to “earn back” your initial investment. The method returns a simplified result, i.e. all parameters like cleaning cost, discount rate etc. are not included.
Please put in information in all cells for the calculator to work correctly.

Description Conventional LED Delta Unit
Number of light fixtures Fixtures
Fixture price including light source Amount
Installation costs per fixture Amount
Sum, investments Amount
Energy consumption per fixture Watt
Energy price Amount per kWh
Operating hours per year hours
Light source life time hours
Lamp exchange costs, including light source and work Amount
Sum, annual operation costs Amount
Payback time Years
Energy savings %

 The energy cost per kWh onboard vessels depend on various factors like fuel price, fuel consumption, type of fuel, generator efficiency etc, and will also vary across markets. For practical purposes, we recommend using EUR 0,20 – 0,30 as a reference price.