MIR LED Replacement Kit – From tubes to LEDs

Glamox has developed the MIR LED Replacement Kit. It is based on long experience in the marine and offshore segment. The MIR LED Replacement Kit is available in 2000lm, 2500lm and 5000lm, and is approved for temperatures down to -30°C and up to +45°C.

The MIR LED Replacement Kit is available with the same light output as MIR with T8-tubes. This means that you can change from tubes to LED one to one with our MIR LED Replacement Kit.

Reduced energy cost
Replacing the existing fluorescent tubes in MIR can reduce power consumption with more than 50%. This means saved energy costs.

Reduced maintenance cost
Transition from tubes to LED in MIR will increase the lifetime substantially and reduce the maintenance costs.

On a typical installation with MIR 2x18W F, you will have a payback time of about 2 years and save 56% of your energy costs if you decide to upgrade your current installation to LED with the MIR LED Replacement KIT
Please go into our WEB pages and use our Investment analysis calculation to calculate your saving:

From tubes to LEDs – step by step in just a few seconds
Our new MIR LED Replacement Kit is easy to use due to the tray concept. All mechanical parts, fixing and cable glands remain unchanged in the luminaire. All you need to change is the gear tray, an easy solution for converting to LED even without cutting the electrical circuits.
The MIR LED Replacement Kit comes with quick connector and no wiring is required. An easy, fast and cost efficient solution.


   1. Remove diffuser
     2. Remove gear tray

 newsarticle_picture_mir_led_rk_gmo_3 newsarticle_picture_mir_led_rk_gmo_4

   3. Replace with our new Replacement Kit
     4. Reinstall diffuser