Refit from conventional to LED products

A refit solution means in an easy way to be able to change from conventional lighting to LED on existing installations. 

Glamox has a range of products for LED refit solutions. Use our product guide on the right to find LED products designed to replace conventional luminaires.

Easy replacements
Often it is advantageous to replace traditional luminaires by installing new LED products, such as the downlight DL60 and the ceiling luminaire DLT LED. Such replacements mean longer lifetime, reduced energy consumption and better light quality. These replacements must be made by a professional electrician. However, as the cut-out and cabling are the same as for the traditional luminaires that are being replaced, this is still an easy job.


Product guide

  • FL60 LED
    Refit solution for our floodlights

  • FX60 LED
    Refit solution for EX floodlights

  • 1445 kit
    Refit solution for the 1044 family

  • TL60
    Refit solution for most of our watertight families 

    Refit solution for recessed interior

Refit solution for GSB and TL14 T8