F/T Holmøy

Freezer trawler Holmøy is the newest vessel in the fleet of Holmøy Maritime of Norway. The vessel was built in Spain by Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire, SA, and is classified DNV 1A1 ICE-1B Stern Trawler EO. The 3 317-ton trawler is equipped with all modern facilities for catching and processing fish on board. In fact, F/T Holmøy is a modern floating factory.
F/T Holmøy is equipped with a complete state-of the art LED lighting scheme from Glamox Aqua Signal. Installed products include TL60 watertight LED luminaires, FL60 LED floodlihgs, MIR LED, 1076, Norselight XS1000 R60 searchlights, Series 65 LED Arctic navigation lights, and more.

About Holmøy Maritime
Holmøy Maritime AS is a company in the family-owned Holmøy group. The company’s main activities involve operating three trawlers: F/T Prestfjord, F/T Sunderøy and F/T Holmøy. Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS is a salmon producer located in 6 different municipalities in the Norwegian counties of Nordland and Troms. It produces 16,000 tons of salmon and 17,000 tons of white fish each year. This is sold through their own sales company, Prestfjord Seafood AS.

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