Glamox and light management

Installing a well-designed light management system will count as successful completion of the light installation, often with the objective of reducing electricity and maintenance cost. 

In addition to significant cost savings, a light management system from Glamox can fulfill many important objectives, such as; contribute to a productive and healthy working environment, or supplying a high-quality system that is easy to install and use. 

In more than twenty years of experience Glamox has delivered complex light management systems of various size and complexity. Our system engineering team is ready to assist you to find the solution you prefer.

Our scope of work contains engineering, delivery, commissioning and documentation for any kind of vessel. We offers solutions for setting and controlling light scenes, dimming-functions, entertainment or blind control.  

You define what you need, and we connect lighting solutions based on your requirement. 

Life cycle cost

A well-designed light management system will provide lower life cycle costs. Not only by reducing energy consumption, but also by expanding the lifetime of the installation and finally by reducing the maintenance cost. Glamox has developed a smart calculation tool that will show you the potential savings achievable by implementing an adequate Light Management System.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Lighting can account for anywhere from 5 to 18 percent of total power consumption in commercial vessels depending on size and how many hours of the day the ship is operating. By installing a Light Management System from Glamox you achieve up to 90% reduction in energy consumption compared to a conventional lighting solution.

A more productive working environment

Perhaps the most important opportunity offered by light management systems, is to optimize the lighting to meet the needs of the individual users on a ship. Much is to be gained if you can increase the output of your crew.

Light management made easy

Easy to plan
On your local Glamox website you will find a LMS solution guide. Here you can find LMS solutions for different applications in your segment along with suggestions for floorplans and lists of the components you need with their article numbers. LMS is also an integrated part of our light calculation tool. This ensures detailed and accurate LMS documentation that is updated when changes are made in the plans for the light installation.

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Easy to commission
We want you to feel confident when you select a LMS system from us. By using Glamox commissioning services, you are granted that we take full system responsibility for the total lighting solution. The commissioning is done by highly competent system integrators that are trained in the Glamox systems.

Easy to install
By using established standards and technologies that are well known to the installers, we pave the way for a problem-free installation.

Easy to use
When designing our light management systems, we have put high emphasis on creating intuitive user interfaces. Most of the time the end user will experience our light management system as “Invisible technology” that easily adapts to their needs.

System architecture

Easy access to data
Glamox is committed to a system architecture that gives easy access to valuable data. This way the data can easily be transmitted to a ship management system (SMS). Wireless or cable - the transmission can be made regardless of the type of communication.

Easy monitoring
We use open standard protocols. This way it is possible to connect a complete light installation to one central monitoring system. One big advantage of a central monitoring system is that it offers value adding services like energy monitoring, emergency light monitoring and finally maintenance monitoring.