We are pleased to present two new families of luminaires with unusual and exciting forms and finish.

These forms were inspired by nature. The luminaires are shaped in vacuum-formed synthetic materials, and designed for social areas in public and private buildings. They can be mounted singly, or grouped together in clusters of luminaires of varying size and form to create creative and decorative expressions.

Glamox A60 is available as pendant (A60-P) or surface mounted (A60-S) models. A steel cover plate shields the light source. The pendant Glamox A65 has two-way light distribution (up and down) and soft opal diffusers.

Decorative functionality
Glamox A60 and A65 are particularly suitable for venues where people meet, such as hallways and staircases, meeting rooms, cafeterias and break zones, in cafés and restaurants and other public areas. These luminaires are both decorative and functional. In an office environment the extraordinary shapes will provide a pleasant contrast to traditional workstation lighting.

Design: Hareide Design/Glamox R&D