Easy and fast replacement

Replacing the exhisting fluorescent tubes with the retrofit LED solution will increase lifetime and reduce power consumtion and maintenance.

Our new LED replacement kit for MIR is easy to use due to the tray concept. All mechanics, fixing and cable glands remains unchanged in the luminaire. All you need to change is the gear tray, an easy solution for converting to LED. The replacement kit comes with plug-in connectors and no wiring is required.

Why LED?
LEDs can last up to 50 000 hours at +45 ambient temperature, which means that costintensive maintenance is kept to a minimum. LED light sources are also more solid than fluorescent light due to the technology.

LEDs are environmently friendly and saves money due to the low energy consumtion. LED light sources use about half the wattage of fluorescent lighting, about 10 watts of power versus 18 watts of power for a fluorescent light source.

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 article_mir-led_before-converting  article_mir-led_after-converting
 Before converting to LED After converting to LED