New LED helideck lights

At the SMM in Hamburg, new LED helideck lights have been presented to the audience: The HL55-P Perimeter light (recessed or surface) and the HL55-O Obstacle light.

One of our latest developments, the HL55-P Perimeter light, is a special light fixture that is used to mark and illuminate the perimeter of a helideck. This light guides the helicopter pilot to locate the helideck for safe landing in darkness. Our Perimeter lights are available as surface version in different types of mounting and recessed version in different diameters. Both perimeter and obstacle light complies to ICAO and CAP437.

The HL55-O Obstacle light is operated as permanent light. The obstacle light serves also as night light indication of aviation obstacles such as helideck, radio towers or wind power plants. All models are designed for extreme environmental conditions and comply with common regulations for civil aviation (ICAO low intensity typ A and B, AVV).

Both the HL55-P Perimeter light and the HL55-O Obstacle light are characterized by their:

  • seawater resistant materials
  • small compact design
  • easy installation
  • low power consumption
  • maintainance free LED technology
  • integrated fail safe function
  • vibration-restistant technology
  • additional dimming function (10%, 30%, 100%) --> applies only to Perimeter lights