MV Veteran

The MV Veteran is the first of two new 80-metre, Ice Class roll-on, roll-off passenger ferries that have been commissioned for servicing island routes in Newfoundland and Labrador. The new state-of-the-art ferry is named in honour of all those who have served in the Canadian armed forces – past, present and future.
The two vessels are being constructed in Galati, Romania by Damen Shipyards, at a cost of approximately Canadian dollars 50 million each. MV Veteran has already been completed and was officially put into service in December 2015. The sister ship, the MV Legionnaire, is scheduled for delivery in the spring of 2016.

Arctic operations
MV Veteran will service Fogo Island and Change Island. The Fogo and Change islands route is the second busiest in the province and moves approximately 169,000 passengers annually. MV Legionnaire will operate on the busy short-haul route from Portugal Cove to Bell Island.

Since this region is located near the Arctic, vessels have to manoeuvre in drifting ice. These highly durable ferries can handle the impact of 40 cm-thick floating ice at 4 knots. Their rudders, hull and propellers have been strengthened and are outfitted with extra plate thickness for heavy winter conditions.

The MV Veteran and its sister ship can operate in harsher conditions than the current vessels operating these routes. It is hoped that the improved reliability will promote business and tourism in the region.

Modern lighting solutions
MV Veteran and its sister ship are both equipped with lighting solutions from Glamox Aqua Signal. More than 900 of our luminaires are installed in each vessel. Many of these are energy-efficient LED luminaires, including a large number of model 1445 LED watertight multipurpose luminaires. The vessels’ flood lights are powerful FL60 floodlights with long-life LED light sources.

A truly international project
MV Veteran is the first of a design stemming from a Canadian-Danish partnership between Fleetway and Knud E. Hansen. The vessel is built in Romania by Damen Shipyards for Canadian authorities, and equipped with lighting produced in Germany by Norwegian-owned Glamox Aqua Signal, installed by a Dutch technology company, and now locally supported by Glamox Canada, based in St. John’s, Newfoundland.