AL60 Cabin II

We are pleased to introduce a new addition to our family of energy-efficient cabin lights. The newest member of the AL60 family is the AL60-Cabin II berth light.

AL60-Cabin II is a development of our bestselling AL60-Cabin berth light. We have replaced the gooseneck of the old lamp with a flexible joint, which is designed for tilt and swing. This makes it easy to change the angle of the light, directing it exactly where you need it. It also gives the product a compact and elegant design.

The lamp head is designed for cooling to ensure a long lifetime for the LED technology inside. AL60-Cabin II is available with an integrated USB socket for charging.

AL60-Cabin II is available in several different versions, with or without the USB socket. The black version has a characteristic brass joint, which gives it a distinguished look. There is also an all-chrome version. Later, the chrome version will also be available with a white housing.

The adjustability, in combination with the elegant design, will make this berth light a popular member of the AL60 family.

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