Illuminating a Turkish-Norwegian success story

While tourists travel from Norway to Turkey, more and more new vessels journey the opposite way. In recent years the Norwegian maritime industry has opened its eyes for the Turkish shipbuilding cluster east of Istanbul. Glamox is now the leading lighting supplier for this cluster. Among our customers is Tersan Shipyard, one of the leading players in the Turkish shipbuilding industry. 

After some tough years caused by the global financial crisis, the Turkish shipyards are yet again flourishing. Most of the yards are located at the shore of the Sea of Marmara either in Tuzla bay East of Istanbul or further south in Yalova. This is also the case for Tersan Shipyard, established in 1995 and now one of the leading players in the Turkish ship building industry.

The first turnkey project for a Norwegian customer, dates back to 2010. At that time Tersan already had a well-established name due to successful deliveries of a series of chemical tankers that were in great demand in the period 2000-2008. Due to the ash cloud chaos following the volcano eruption on Iceland in April a visit from the Norwegian longline company Ervik Havfiske was prolonged for several days. As a result, Tersan ended up supplying a complete fishing vessel (MS Frøyanes) instead of just the hull as originally agreed.


Leading Turkish export company

After MS Frøyanes Tersan has supplied a wide range of different vessels to Norway. In October 2017 when Glamox visited the yard, two new long line fishing vessels are awaiting commissioning. Both are key turn projects for Ervik Havfiske. Fjord1, Torghatten Nord, Volstad shipping and Andenesfisk are other Norwegian companies that have chosen to collaborate with Tersan. Offshore vessels, tug boats, tankers and subsea construction boats are only a few examples of the types of projects Tersan Shipyard is involved in.

Yard Managing Director Mehmet Gazioglu says that they focus on flexibility, high quality products and customer satisfaction combined with competitive prices. Apparently, this strategy has paid off.

“We are the leading shipyard in Europe in our segments. In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 we were recognized as a leading Turkish export company of the ship building sector with a price from Turkish Exporters’ Association”, Mehmet Gazioglu says.

LED lighting from Glamox

Glamox has been working with Tersan from the start in the mid 90’s. Today Glamox is supplying the majority of the interior lighting, floodlights, technical lighting, searchlights, navigation lights etc. used onboard the new ships.

“All our vessels are now equipped with LED lighting because of the long product lifetime and low maintenance need. The cooperation between Tersan and Glamox is very good. Glamox solves any challenge that may occur in an excellent way.”, says Mehmet Gazioglu.

From the top left: Ulas Alingan from Glamox’ agent Ares Marine and Managing Director Mehmet Gazioglu from Tersan Shipyard. From the bottom left: Project Manager & Naval Architect Hasan Emrah Sönmez and Business Development Director M Sakir Erdogan at Tersan Shipyard.

65 % market share

The shipbuilding cluster in Tuzla and Yalova comprise more than 70 yards. Even though the cluster is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus strait, the companies here still see themselves as European because of the proximity to Istanbul. According to Ulas Alingan from Ares Marine, Glamox’ agency in Turkey, the cluster is probably the largest in Europe.

“We’ve now got a 65 % market share in this cluster. Two Important keys to success are our competent technical personnel and the warehouse that allows us to provide the service our customers require.”, he says.