New, flexible LED strip for marine applications

Glamox is proud to present AL46, a robust and efficient LED strip. AL46 is the perfect choice when you want decorative illumination on board whether it’s indoors or outdoors. 

LED strips have become increasingly popular over the last few years, both because they are easy to adapt to different applications and because they are well suited when you want a decorative element. With AL46 we are offering a high-quality, energy efficient LED strip designed for ships and other marine applications. The product is ideal for areas where you want flexible, decorative illumination. AL46 is available in two versions, AL46 FL for indoor use and AL46 Aqua for outdoor and other areas with high humidity. 

AL46 Aqua 
The Aqua version has an IP66/67 rating which means that it’s protected against “green water”, jet stream and water immersion up to 30 minutes. The housing is designed with easy cleanability in mind, it doesn’t collect dust or dirt. Furthermore, it is fully UV resistant as well as salt and solvent proof. The product is suitable for all types of outdoor applications, like rail and step lighting and can also be used for demanding indoor areas like spas. The product can be provided in custom lengths and with different lumen packs. An RGB version is also available. RGB allows you to change the ambience of an area, by adjusting the colour of the light.

AL46 FL is designed for indoor applications and is perfect for cove lighting, curved applications, edge lighting or furniture illumination. In order to create the ambience you want, the product is available with different colour temperatures and option for dimming.  With 112 high-quality LED chips per metre and a high colour rendering index (CRI 90+) the strip offers exceptional light quality. The strip is sold in lengths of 5, 10 and 50 metres, but it can be cut in 62,5 mm length segments. The adhesive tape that is used to attach the strip to the surface is designed for optimal heat conduction.