Save time with our new navigation light configurator

Finding the best navigation lights for your vessel can be time consuming. This is why we’re offering a free online tool that will make the process easier.

Choosing navigation lights for a vessel is both about complying to safety requirements and finding products that matches your functional needs. We know that finding the correct products can require a lot of research if you don’t have extensive background knowledge. To make this easier and less time consuming we have designed a free online tool that will guide you to the best choices of navigation lights and panels for your vessel.

The tool is based on the manual ordering form many of our customers are familiar with and considers parameters such as size and type of vessel, LED or conventional light source, type of panel and voltages. You may even include special requirements like, Suez Canal- and Panama Lights. After you have completed the simple steps of the configurator, you can extract a report with recommended products for your project. '

Check out the configurator here: 

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