Pressure watertight fixture IP68 down to 20m

0673 15W LED

0673 1x18W

0673 1x18W


Pressure watertight lighting fixtures are applicable for a wide range of different areas, mainly often submerged areas. They are designed to withstand high water pressure and to meet maritime requirements.

The polycarbonate cover tube of 4 mm thickness is able to resist heavy seas. Mounted with special clamps this fixture is the best solution  to be mounted at the focsle. The 0673 is the next generation of 0273 with an enlarged terminal compartment.

  • Save down to 20 m water depth
  • Removable gear tray
  • Wash resistant
  • Mounting

    mounted by 2 clamps (to be ordered separatly), see spare parts an accessories.


    This fixture is available with magnetic or electronic ballast, fixed on a removable gear tray,
    the through wiring as option makes it easy to connect the fittings.
    The T8 version is equipped with G13 lamp base.
    This fixture is available with 15W LED and gives much more light than an 18W T8 version.
    Different cable glands in polyamide in M20 and M25 are available.


    Designed for LED 15W or one fluorescent tube T8 in 18W or 36W covered by a clear polycarbonate cover tube of 4 mm thickness.
    The gear tray is made of zinc coated steel for the 18W and 36W version, for the LED version is made from aluminium.all gear trays are  powder coated white to give a maximum light output.


    Powder coated white RAL9016 and enamelled up to 70 - 80 µm thickness.


    Clear polycarbonate cover tube of 4 mm thickness and polycarbonate end caps.

    Cable entry

    Polyamide gland 
    M20 x 1.5 (cable Ø 6-12 mm)
    M25 x 1.5 (cable Ø 13 - 18 mm)


    Plug connection 3-pole/2.5mm².
    0673 1x18W/1x36W
    0673 1x18W

    0673 1x18W

    0673 1x36W

    0673 1x36W

    0673 1x14W

    0673 15W LED


    0673 - example for item no 7067300120


    0673 LED - example for item no 0673104000

    Measurement drawings

    0673 1x18W/1x36W

    Light measurement drawings

    0673 1x18W 0673 1x36W 0673 1x14W

    Explosion drawings

    7067300120 7067302722
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