Competence in lighting - 2020

Lights for sailing and motor boats

Aqua Signal has been delivering top-of-the-line marine lighting solutions since before the age of electricity, providing lighting products designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for quality and performance at sea.

Lights for Sailboats and Powerboats (US)

Quality that Endures

The most recent innovation from Aqua Signal includes the new LED navigation light series 33, 34 & 44 with exceptional durability and reliability for long term use. This new LED technology incorporates a lighter weight and slim design that makes them ideal for use on any vessel up to 50 meters in length.

Katalog Kompetenz in Sachen Licht von aqua signal 2015-16

NEU - Leuchten für Segel- und Motorboote

Sicherheit, Design und Komfort - Licht an Bord für Segel- und Motorboote erfüllt zahlreiche Aufgaben. Wir bieten begeisterten Wassersportlern ein umfassendens Angebot, um ihre Sportboote und Yachten ins bestmögliche Licht zu setzen.