EMC testing

EU directives set requirements to which norms equipment of any kind have to be satisfied before released for the EU-market. Therefore all electric equipment must satisfy the EMC-directive.
This EU-directive refers to European product norms EN-55015 (electromagnetic interference from a luminaire) and EN-61547 (immunity of a luminaire against electromagnetic interference from outside). Often our requirements reach far beyond EU requirements, especially if naval or off-shore requirements are concerned.

The importance of EMC control

Electromagnetic compatibility is the branch of electrical sciences which studies the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy with reference to the unwanted effects (Electromagnetic interference, or EMI) that such energy may induce.

EMC aims to ensure that equipment items or systems will not interfere with or prevent each other's correct operation through spurious emission and absorption of electromagnetic interference.

Testing in a shielded chamber
Inside our shielded chamber we can perform all tests necessary for luminaires. We can test products against radiated and conducted emission, electrostatic discharge ESD, burst and surge on power lines and immunity to high frequency electro-magnetic fields.