IP rating (water)

In our wetrooms we assess the protection of our luminaires against ingress of water, varying over differing degrees of protection, depending upon the requirements for the different types of lighting product.
From rain testing through spray water and water jets to permanent submersion in the pressure vessel, all IP degrees of protection for products can be tested. Different test means for simulation are possible:
  • rain IP X4
  • spray water IP X5
  • splash water IP X6
  • submersion into water IP X7
  • water pressure tank up to 40 meters' depth (IP X8)
  • additional with high pressure cleaner for special applications (IP X9)

Wetroom IP grade tests

Submersion into water
The luminaires are tested
against ingress of water
in up to 1 meter depth.
(See also main image.)

 Water pressure tank
The luminaires are submerged
into a water pressure tank,
simulating various depths
beyond one meter.
Spray water/splash water
The luminaires are hosed
with varying mdegrees of
power, from fine spray to
hard water jets.