5 pole plug connector: Packaging upgrade

The new packaging for aqua signals 5 pole plug connector is available

5 pole plug connector will be dispatched with new designed packaging until now.

“The packaging is designed for best presentation in retail stores and ideal storage in warehouses” said Duygu Seren, Area Sales Manager.

Why is this product so important and for what do you need it?
5 pole plug connectors with vertical and horizontal mounting option. These are watertight fittings to replace any existing deck mounted accessories. Can also be used for accessories on the mast and for easy connection of conductors when mast is stepped or removed.

Test winner

aqua signals plug connector is the test winner for connectors awarded by magazine segeln (11/2013). The plug connector is described as a well-conceived system by the tester of segeln. It is useful to have the possibility of changing pin configurations anytime after the installation. The waterproofed 5 pin plug connector convinced with its o-rings on each component.

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