Bristol and Bergen - LED Deck Lights for boats - by aqua signal

Bristol and Bergen are designed and engineered as the brightest and most durable LED deck lights for boats. They are built to perform in extreme environments and are backed by a 5 year warranty.

​There are many reasons to use these new lights from aqua signal, the brand that customers trust for quality and durability. First of all, these lights are bright with nominal lumen intensity of 1,200 lumens making it brighter than a traditional 50 watt halogen lamp. And secondly, this power is designed into a compact fixture that is extremely low profile, a height of only 14.75 mm (about 1/2 “). With the weight of about 130 g without the bracket, you get the most powerful LED deck light/floodlight for the size. And, this low profile light can be surface mounted, eliminating the need to cut or mold in a cavity into a hard top. This feature provides savings and flexibility to boatbuilders when designing lighting requirements for their boat models. Installation as a surface mount only requires only a ½” diameter cutout for the cable. For the existing boater, the surface mount makes upgrading their boat that much simpler and inexpensive.

Flexible Mounting
The two deck lights can be installed simply with minimal mounting hardware. You can choose between the mounting direct on a surface or the installation with a small adjustable bracket which is made from 316 stainless steel. The small adjustable bracket makes horizontal and vertical adjustments easy, again adding even more flexibility for you and your customer.

Resistant and long lasting
Both lights are constructed from a powder coated aluminum for maximum resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and UV damage. The lights are protected from seawater and they are non-magnetic. The electronics are fully sealed and waterproof with an IP67 rating. The highly advanced heat management system self regulates temperature and assures long lasting performance. To conclude, these lights are perfect for marine applications.

Energy saving
Both luminaires have a very high output of 1200 lumens using a 10 W LED. And, they use 82 % less power than your traditional 50 watt halogen bulbs. The warm white color output creates a clear and realistic atmosphere. Bristol and Bergen can be operated at full brightness level on a supply voltage of 10-30 V Multivolt with inverse polarity protection included. They are EMC tested at a certified test centre. The lights come standard with 1.5 m (59 ”) of insulated connection cable.

Various marine applications
Applications for these LED lights include mounting on T-tops and hard tops for lighting the deck and cockpit. They are a perfect solution for any vessel. Use it on your small fishing boats for illuminating the bait well and cutting boards at night. You will also get a bright view in your battery box by installing the lights. Both luminaires are also suitable for leisure boats for illuminating the deck while entertaining passengers at night providing an excellent lighted atmosphere.

Bristol has its cooling elements at the front and Bergen at the back. It is your choice which design you prefer.

Here you can see the mounting bracket:

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