Easy upgrade to LED with our new Series 44 Navigation lights

The new Series 44 Navigation lights from Aqua Signal provide a quick and easy way to upgrade to LED.

The state of the art LED technology in the new series of navigation lights offer many advantages; a long life span, low maintenance and excellent light output. These are all valuable features when it comes to lights that are essential to your safety at sea. To secure our customers even more, Aqua Signal also offers a product warranty with the new products.

The Series 44 is the LED refit series for the S40, S41, S50 and S43. The watertight quick connectors inside allows for a quick and easy installation. A replacement can be done in a matter of seconds.

The new series also offers a unique and modern look and can withstand temperatures between -20 ˚C to +35˚C. It’s approved for boats up to 50 meters and has an IP rating of 67.