Marseille - LED chart luminaire

Marseille LED chart luminaire. Change between white and red light for a better view at night.

Marseille is an elegant and modern reading light from Aqua Signal. This LED chart luminaire provides red and white light for a better view at night. The luminaire can be mounted to a wall or table with the flex-arm.

The design of Marseille is based on scientific knowledge of the human eye. The fact is that your eyes can adapt to a wide range of light levels, from very dark to very bright. However, the transition between dark and light and vice versa can affect the sensing capabilities of your eyes. The eye takes approximately 20-30 minutes to fully adapt from bright sunlight to complete darkness and become ten thousand to one million times more sensitive than at fully daylight.

What enables the wider reach is that the eye adapts its definition of what is black. In this process, the eyes perception of color changes as well. Thus the best solution for a chart table light inside the boat is using the lowest possible brightness color of light. This is what we are providing with the Marseille luminaire.

You can use our Marseille as a chart table light with the white/red switch unit as well as a cabin light. The flex-arm can be turned in every direction.