New LED searchlight for improved safety

Bremen LED searchlight is handheld and waterproof, making it a vital tool for night sailing and landing manoeuvres.

Bremen is our latest hand held LED searchlight. The luminaire is designed for nearly all kinds of search operations. The energy efficient searchlight also can be used to transmit Morse code in emergency situations. It is certified with the internationally known Wheelmark which aims to increase security at sea. The Bremen LED is suitable for life boats and also commercial crafts under SOLAS and MCA regulations. It can be used inside and outside of any vessel. As for the rest of Aqua Signal’s searchlight, it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Handheld searchlights are vital tools for night sailing and landing manoeuvres. They can also be used for anti-collision protection when placed on the sails for visibility. They can illuminate odd items in the water and most importantly they can be used to locate a crew member that has fallen overboard. It is mandatory to have a handheld searchlight ready in a cockpit when at sea. A handheld light can be fixed on someone in the sea while the vessel is pitching and rolling – something which is almost impossible to do with a mounted searchlight.

Maritime requirements
The Bremen LED is designed for use on motor and sailing vessels under extreme environmental conditions. It is used by coastguards and military staff all around the world. The rubber black housing gives it a solid grip, and it is designed with an extended front edge for protecting the lens. The whole housing is impact and shock resistant, non-corrosive and non-magnetic. It has an ingress protection of IP68 which is a required when at sea. This protects the light from dust and enables it to endure continuous immersion in water.

The 12 Watt LED module is covered by a clear Fresnel lens. As a certified LED searchlight, it is tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It is usable with 12-24 Volts.

The Bremen LED is manufactured for hand held use, but a clamp bracket for side mounting and a slip-on bracket for deck mounting are available. This search light requires a waterproof deck plug & socket (or cigarette lighter plug & socket) in order to be installed.