Series 27: safe navigation at night for small boats

Keep you and your familiy and friends safe on trips at night or in low light conditions and use aqua signal's Series 27.

Series 27 provides all-around white LED or bi color LED light for maximizing visibility on late night, early morning or when weather conditions become bad. It is designed for small watercraft, dinghy, canoe, etc that are manually or engine powered and less than 7 m (23 foot) with speed up to 7 knots.

The light is removable for portable use and storage, easy to use with only 138.6 mm (5 ½ inch) length. Housing incorporates carabineer clip for attaching cord to prevent loss overboard. The black housing is high quality shock and seawater resistant. It is fully sealed including a heavy-duty, rubber coated on-off-switch. Series 27 includes a premium LED bulb with a clear or bi-color special plastic projector. All-round stern light can be conveniently used as flashlight or spot light.

Different boat types require different mounting options. Series 27 can be mounted with special brackets, c-clamp, suction mount with flexible arm and special adapter for adhering to irregular surfaces. The light runs by 4 AAA batteries (not included). LED extends battery life up to 10 times compared to incandescent.

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