Series 75

07/29/2021 - Series 75 is a family of navigation lights with the newest LED and driver technology.
They are suitable for all vessels ≥ 20 m in length. Series 75 sets new standards in terms of lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Navigation lights are all about safety. We have developed Series 75 to make worries about failing lanterns redundant. The main and the back-up systems are integrated in one housing, painted black. Long product lifetime has been an essential priority when designing this product family of marine lanterns. A smart, tamper proof countdown system will give the user a warning when it’s time to replace the lanterns. Even at an ambient temperature at 45°C the lifetime is 100 000 hours.

Series 75 fulfils all requirements of International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREG) that are published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as local regulations.
Series 75 is available in Single version (Series 75), Double version (Series 75D), Single Arctic version (Series 75 Arctic) and Double Arctic version (Series 75D Arctic). Arctic versions are intended for use in low temperature areas, and includes a heating foil, on the inside of the glass lens.