Upgrade to LED Navigation Lights with quicfits system

aqua signal quicfits system - easy change from conventional navigation light to latest LED technology.

Series 34 contains a wide range of LED Navigation Lights for various applications:

  • Side mounted lights for boats < 50 m/164 ft (bicolor < 20 m/65 ft),
  • Mast mounted lights for boats < 20 m/65 ft with aqua signal quicfits system.

aqua signal quicfits system allows to retrofit LED Series 34 by using the quicfits base of conventional Series 40.* The system enables an easy change and reduces installation time of Navigation Lights.

Advantages of LED Series 34 are:

  • One Navigation Light for both, 12 and 24 V connections.
  • Reduced height of 110 mm (Tricolor/Anchor), 80 mm (Masthead/ Anchor) or 65 mm (Tricolor), in comparison to Series 40.
  • LED versions require less maintenance and are energy efficient.
  • LED versions have a long lifetime.

The complete range of Series 34 are wheelmark approved which covers most international approvals.

Tip: To provide a change of LED Series 34 to Series 40 with quicfits systems, both systems have the same connections. Please do not worry about a forth connection pin which is necessary for strobe lights of Series 40 but is not in use for LED Series 34.

Picture sequence

The following illustrations show how to change from aqua signal Series 40 quicfits to Series 34 LED quicfits fixtures. It takes no more time than a regular lamp change.



*Latest quicfits system is not usable with quicfits bases produced before 1997.
Navigation Light Series 32 can also be updated to Series 34 with quicfits system.