US Coast Guard issues Important safety alert on sailboat navigation lights

8/20/2019 - Safety on a sailing vessel can be compromised if it is equipped navigation lights that only meets the requirements for power driven vessels. This is the message in a safety alert issued by the US Coast Guard recently. 

In the alert titled “Not all navigation lights are created equal” the Coast Guard points out that “Manufacturer labelling may not discriminate between the different requirements. Navigation lights that claim compliance with the navigation rules may meet the vertical visibility requirements for a power-driven vessel, however, they may not comply with the vertical visibility standards for sailing vessels. Manufacturer labelling may not indicate that the lights are designed for use on power-driven vessels only.”

Glamox Aqua Signal is very pleased that the US Coast Guard is drawing attention to this topic. As a manufacturer we pride ourselves in offering products with very high safety standards. 
Aqua Signal navigation lights including LED series 33, 34, 43 & 44 meet USCG requirements for Power & Sailboats.  In addition, traditional incandescent versions in series 25, 40 & 41 meet these requirements as well.”

Link to US Coast Guard safety alert on sailboat navigation lights