Our warranty promise

Glamox gives a warranty against manufacturing and material defects on all LED recreational products. The exact warranty time ranges from one to five year depending on the country where you bought the product. 
If the conditions below are fulfilled, Glamox will either repair or replace the LED products with a new fully functional product.

The warranty is valid from the invoice date and applies for manufacturing and material defects if the products have been used/installed: 

• Purely in accordance with their intended purpose and application specifications 
• Within the specified operational envelope, e.g. environment 
• With power within the specified range, i.e. voltage, current and frequency 
• In a professional and legal manner and in accordance with installation instructions provided. 
The warranty does not cover: 
• Any type of consequential loss 
• Failures due to exposure to extreme conditions, e.g. thunder, lightning, water ingress, fire, inadequate ventilation or other conditions beyond the control of Glamox 
• Parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, e.g. batteries
• Failures due to compatibility issues between the products and the installation environment. e.g. control system & power supply 
• Products that have been modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel 
• Normal maintenance and repair issues.