Glamox LED philosophy

Glamox aims to sell LED luminaires with single LEDs, LED modules and LED drivers with the best possible quality. We also strive to provide customers with the quality they want, nothing more, nothing less. By doing this, we provide a good cost/benefit ratio to our customers.

Our engineers are among the world’s leading experts on LED technology
We use their expertise to design and manufacture innovative products with low energy consumption and long life. Equally important is our experience and know-how about the design of optics and thermal control, so that the products will perform to standard over a long period of time.

Quality    Colour 
We always use the best quality LEDs for our purposes, from the best manufacturers. Particular attention is given to the colour temperatures and colour rendering qualities of the LED light sources we use.
Heat management  Glare control
High power LED’s require more precise current and heat management than traditional light sources. Our know-how of thermal control has significant influence on the life span of our products.  Products with LED often have problems meeting glare requirements. Our engineering skills ensure that our products with LED always meet or exceed relevant national and international standards.