With My Collection you can gather any number of product sheets related to a project. Add your own comments to them and send the collection to your chosen recipients. Create a professional presentation in PDF format with a nice cover, including your own company logo.
This is how it works:

1) Registration
In order to start using the function “My Collection” you must be one of our registered users. This takes very little time. In the top right section of our website click: Register/log in. Remember to take note of the password that you will receive via email!

2) Create a project
After you have logged on and go to the overview “My Collection”. Select “Create new collection” and give the project a name. You can create as many projects as you want.

3) Find products
Now you are ready: While you are still logged on you can use our website in the usual way and search for the products you are interested in. For each product there is a green button with the text “Add to collection”. Right above this you will find a window with a list of your projects. Select the project and click the green button: The product sheet is now included in the chosen project.

4) Create a prospect
After you have gathered all the products you want to include in the presentation go back to “My Collection”. Now you can easily create an effective presentation with a nice cover, short project description/comments and your logo. You can generate a PDF and send it to customers and partners. You can also send them a link directly to your project on our server.

User manual
Follow the link to download a complete user manual.