A greener generation of downlights

Glamox has now updated the DL60 family with new state of the art LED modules. The result? Substantially reduced power consumption and an overall greener profile.

Glamox serves a wide range of vessels with our marine products, from quick and sturdy pilot boats to massive cruise ships. However, one thing most of our customers have in common is the desire for a greener energy profile, preferably without compromising on the light output or the purchase price. To address this demand we’ve now updated the DL60 with new LED modules.

If this was a car we would be able to say that we’ve reduced the fuel consumption while keeping the the horse power”, Product Manager Ole Hoëm says.  He is referring to the test results that show a 33% decrease in power consumption along with a light efficacy of up to 98 lumen/watt.

The DL60 LED is a modern downlight family which is characterized by longevity and low power consumption. It comes with a wide range of trims and decors and is easy to install. The downlights trims are available in white, brass or chrome. DL60 LED downlights have light source and driver included.


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