LED luminaries provides increased productivity on board the Atlantic Viking.

“We have been focusing on improving and optimizing the use of light in order to improve the working conditions for our employees. Better light quality by using LED fixtures, results in employees not getting so tired. It has certainly improved the working conditions with better light, and this affects the productivity onboard the ship”, said Bjørn Giske shipowner at Giske Havfiske.

Quality in LED lighting
Giske Havfiske in Ålesund, Norway, has bought a new factory trawler called Atlantic Viking. The ship is one of five new buildings at TERSAN Shipyard in Turkey. Glamox provided LED lighting solutions to this ship and the four other new buildings which were delivered to Volstad Shipping, Andenesfisk and Strand Havfiske.

Atlantic Viking – A ship with green profile
Atlantic Viking is a factory trawler with large freezer capacity. The ship was designed by Skipsteknisk in close cooperation with Giske Havfiske, the design is ST-116L. It was developed with a new hull form where minimal hull resistance is carefully balanced against the space requirements and seaworthiness. Gross tonnage is 3439 t. The ship has a length of 74.7 m and a width of 15.4 m and will have accommodation for 30 crew. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the boat is designed for high health, safety and security requirements for the crew. There is great emphasis on full utilization of the catch. A number of innovations have given the vessel a green profile. The ship was delivered to Giske Havfiske in September 2013.

Improved working conditions for the crew
We met the shipowner Bjørn Giske onboard the Atlantic Viking when the ship docked in Ålesund. The cargo is unloaded, and the crew is replaced for a second term at sea. Giske says that they have two shifts of 20 staff on board. Of those onboard the boat at all times, three are women. The turnus is 1/1. This means that employees sometimes work four weeks and four weeks at home, sometimes six weeks and six weeks at home, this depends on where the boat is fishing. Shifts aboard are six hours on and six hours off, throughout the day. Crew payments are paid out of the gross catch, minus overheads and divided with a partition percent.  On the next trip, the ship will be fishing South of Iceland to catch fish redfish.

Improved production with LED
Above deck and in the trawl operation we have chosen to mount the FL60 LED floodlight and 1445 LED luminaries. Below deck the ship is illuminated with 1445 LED luminaries, including the fish factory provided by Optimar. Here the fish are processed and frozen into blocks which are packed in bags. This is then transported into the freezing room for further storage. On previous boats we are used to high pressure sodium floodlights, and where we had to expect frequent changes of light sources, says Bjørn Giske. We have been focusing on improving and optimizing the use of light to get a good light output for employees. It has certainly improved working conditions with better light, the crew do not get as tried, this affects the productivity aboard ship. We have chosen to use DL60 LED downlight on the bridge, in the cabins and the interior spaces. By daylight in summer, we use less light, but mostly it’s on day and night.

 1771-led 1445-led series-65-led
 1771 LED
 1445 LED
 Series 65 LED

Why did you choose Glamox as light supplier?
We were at the Nor-Fishing Exhibition in Trondheim, here we came in contact with Glamox . Glamox is known for being at the forefront of new technology, delivers good quality and provides excellent service. This is important for us, said Bjørn Giske. We also got a good price for our order. When we were choosing fixtures, the salesman was of huge help to us in making the correct choice. He showed us the advantages of using LED. We used the Glamox LED calculator which gave us an investment analysis. The clear advantages of LED's is the long liftetime and they require minimal maintenance. In addition the use of LED reduces energy consumption, which in addition meets the most stringent emission requirements, this is an important factor.

Please find Glamox investment analysis calculation here.

1771 LED in Freezing room – Major improvement
Our Freezing room has a capacity of 1,000 tons of frozen fish. The temperature of the freezer should be between -28 and -30 degrees. Calculations showed that in the freezer would need 116 conventional tubes, while the LED could get along with 22 luminaries. In a freezer, it is important not to add extra temperature, which would have been the case with fluorescent lighting. If we used fluorescent lighting we would have had to use additional energy to offset the increased heat output from multiple fluorescent lights, concludes Bjørn Giske. We were recommended to use the 1771 LED fitting from Glamox and are very satisfied with this solution.

What requirements do you put into a supplier of light?
On a fishing boat working under harsh conditions we must have light fixtures that can withstand this. It is important that they are waterproof in the factory, where water is flushed through to clean the factory. Based on our experience, we have made some tweaks to get optimized luminous efficacy for the employees. We are very pleased with Glamox as supplier, says an enthusiastic Bjørn Giske.

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