Glamox is in accordance to the EU Regulation EC 245-2009

On the transition date of April 12, 2017, the EU Regulation EC 245-2009 addressing eco-design requirements of products mainly used for office, industry and street lighting will become effective. This entails that luminaires with an EEI of A3, or worse, cannot be placed onto the EEA market.

The regulation addresses general lighting but it is important to notice that, emergency lighting, emergency sign lighting, explosion proof luminaires and lighting for all types of vehicles, intended for transport of “persons or goods”, are excluded and hence not influenced by the regulation.
Glamox is well prepared and will fully adhere to this regulation as of the transition date.
Please contact us if you need more detailed information.

EEA        = European Economic Area (EU, Norway, Iceland & Lichtenstein)
EEI         = Energy Efficiency Index