Glamox LED lighting to Color Fantasy and Color Magic

A touch of glamour has recently been added to the two enormous cruise ferries Color Fantasy and Color Magic when 1150 metres of AL45 LED strips were installed to the upper deck railings. 

Color Line has recently completed and upgrade were more than 1150 metres of Glamox AL45 LED strips has been installed for the two cruise ferries Color Fantasy and Color Magic. The two ferries are the largest of their kind in the world and operate a route between Oslo in Norway and Kiel in Germany.

The new LED strips provide continuous lines of light under the railings of the promenade deck creating a warm and exclusive atmosphere. When looking at the ship from a distance it is obvious that this decorative and effective light adds the little extra touch of luxury to the ship’s design. 
Changing to AL45 also represent an environmentally friendly upgrade to LED lighting. 

“We chose the AL45 LED strips because they have a high Ingress Protection class, which implies that they are well suited for the waters and climate we operate in”, says Superintendent Per Gunnar Strand at Color Line. According to Strand, aesthetic qualities were also important when choosing a new product. 

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