AL42- New, smart LED berth light

We are proud to introduce AL42, our new berth light for crew and passenger cabins. Easy mounting, a sharp, contemporary design and clever use of materials to meet maritime requirements are some of the features of this product.

The big challenge was: How can we combine sturdy, fire proof materials with a modern design and still achieve a reasonable priced product that is easy to mount? The answer was the new AL42-W LED berth light.


Plastic and glass

“We wanted a compact and sharp design for our new berth light. The material that is used for the housing is a type of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers. The material is still light, but it can resist more impact than plastic alone. It also gave us the pleasant, matte, graphite colour”, explains Product Manager Ole Hoëm. 

To meet the relevant maritime requirements for cabins the AL42 is vibration-resistant. The housing is also self-extinguishing in case of fire. 

Low total cost
The design and use of materials also offers another advantage and that is a reasonable price. Combined with the energy efficient LED light source the AL42 is an excellent investment from a cost-benefit point of view. 

“Our aim was to create an inexpensive product without compromising with design, quality and safety and I think we have achieved this with the AL42,” says Ole Hoëm.

Easy mounting 

The light emitted from AL42 is ideal when it comes to creating a warm and homelike feel in a cabin. The luminaires can even be delivered with a touch dim switch and a USB charging socket for devices like smart phones and tablets.  “We also know that our customers prefer a product that is easy to mount. With the AL42 there are only three screws that need to be fastened,” explains Hoëm. 

Read more about AL42 here.


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