Glamox TL60 LED on great car carriers worldwide

Höegh Autoliners is investing in the environment and has chosen Glamox 60-Family LED lighting products for their brand new car carriers.

Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of Ro/Ro vehicle transportation services. The company operates around 60 PCTCs (Pure Car and Truck Carriers) in global trade, these are managed from a worldwide network of 20 offices in four regions. Customers include global manufacturers of new cars, heavy machinery and rolling goods. In 2013, Höegh Autoliners carried about 2 million car equivalent units (ceu) and made over 3500 port calls. Höegh are a service provider with modern, flexible and efficient vessels. Achieving consistent quality throughout the company is a top priority in Höegh Autoliners.

In conjunction with Höegh Autoliners contract for six new ships at Xiamen Shipbuilding (China), Glamox was chosen to supply all the lights for these new buildings. The ships will be the largest car carriers to date and will be used for vehicle freight "world wide".

Jan Rune Mørken, Head of Newbuilding - Höegh Fleet Services, said that Glamox has supplied lighting to Höegh Autoliners ships for decades. After an overall assessment of quality, technology and price Glamox was chosen as a the lighting supplier.

Reduced energy consumption
"With new contracts, the requirement is to light the entire ship in- and outdoors. In the engine room, light is required 24 hours a day, i.e. 8760 hours per year. Using LED lights in such locations provide less maintenance and less consumption of power. The Glamox TL60 luminary is a new product on the market that has these highly valued qualities that are important for future ships. Compared with previous fixtures, maintenance and electrical consumption are greatly reduced. Overall, one gets a reduction in fuel consumption and more environmentally friendly ships. All Investments in lower consumption is a turn in the right direction and saves the environment. These are important factors that make Glamox luminaries a right choice", says Jan Rune Mørken.

For more information about total cost of ownership, press here.

TL60 Slim design for demanding applications
Höegh Autoliners has chosen to go for our TL60, an unique high quality waterproof LED luminaries. “What caught our eye with the TL60 is the technology, a robust LED fixture that is suitable for our environment and need”, says Jan Rune Mørken. Glamox delivers 300 TL60 fixtures per vessel to the machinery rooms. Exterior flood lights and interior lights in the hotel part of the ship are also of LED type.

Please find more information about TL60 here.

DL60 downlights and FL60 floodlights
The rest of the ship uses DL60 in cabins and corridors and MIR outdoors and on the car deck where the operating hours are less because lights are not on around the clock. On the car decks light is used when loading and unloading and to a limited extent on the voyage. As floodlight there is used FL60 LED and DLT RS(M) LED is used for technical indoor purposes.

   DL60    FL60        
DLT RS(M) LED       

5 year warranty

Jan Rune Mørken notes that "Höegh Autoliners has had a long and close collaboration with Glamox and we have over the years confirmed the quality of the products. There is a high level of service in the organization with representatives in key countries where Höegh Autoliners load and unload their ships. Good quality products and Glamox's ability to clean up if something occurs are important parameters. For us it is important to have good warranties and assurance that things get sorted out, especially with the introduction of new technology."

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Investment calculation
"We used the Glamox investment calculator and fine-tuned the results. This gave us a good indication of the savings by choosing LED for our project. Where we see that we can use Norwegian suppliers with good quality and service, we choose to go for them", confirmes Jan Rune Mørken.

Please find Glamox investment analysis calculation here.

“We have again seen that Glamox asserts itself at the top end and is a leading supplier of marine lighting. The right choice for the world's biggest car carrier”, concludes a satisfied Mørken.

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